5th day of Countdown Recap on “Chosen Pearl”

Hello Radiant One!

On the 5th day of Countdown to the Special Release with Stacy Zant-“Chosen Pearl” This is what we covered:

A Katch Video Compilation with special snapshots and important lesson snippets I hope you enjoy 🙂

I have compiled all the videos thus far and I am in utter excitement from all the support and involvement of friends and loved ones! Thank you so much for your support, it means so much. As always, I’m honored that you take the time out of your schedule to join me or watch the broadcast on replay and share what we are learning together.
Remember, the freebie from the 5th day countdown session can be emailed upon request. I may provide downloads on this blog in the future, so keep visiting! Along with tips and tools that were shared on how we can engage in Bible Journaling together, I have included this Bonus video on you-tube with further information to help you on this journey. Please excuse the quality of some of the videos integrated in the compilation. This creation was challenging (A weekend’s worth of research and trial & error) due to the quality of the Periscope videos after download from the internet and the converting process to create and edit with iMovie on my iPad. I opted to let the videos remain for the messages that were enclosed and the value of what we have discussed so far.

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Here is what I came up with after a clean page was shared on Periscope tonight:

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Scripture on Chosen Pearl enclosed above 🙂


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6 days until the Special Release -“Radiant Pearl”

Hello Radiant One! On this 6th day of Countdown to the Special Release with Stacy Zant-“Radiant Pearl” This is what we covered: https://katch.me/embed/v/99112f63-77ed-3405-9f06-ec1b6159e15b?sync=1 https://katch.me/embed/v/6c131faf-4a1e-34eb-9f2a-ce952c6f0141?sync=1 There are two takes I will post with different parts of the lesson shared on the 7th due … Continue reading

A Beautiful Purpose

During these seven days of “Seeking His Face” I am praying the Lord will renew and revive His righteous passion within me. “But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. I cried aloud to the Lord, and he answered me from his holy hill” Psalm 3:3-4

I am so grateful for this scriptural reminder that the Lord will protect us, He will cover us, He will sustain us and He will answer us! We have a great covering around about us when we trust and rely on the almighty. People may rise against us (Christians) as they did David but we have a powerful weapon of prayer, praise and perseverance.  Life is filled with many tests (whether they be spiritual, mental or emotional) but we must remember in whom we put our trust!

***The Lord has great plans for you right now so don’t allow anyone to make you feel or believe otherwise! While you continue on this worship filled journey, remember there is no one person the Lord cares more about than the other. He loves us all the same. People may treat you unfairly but you hold such great value and anointing. Keep close to Christ and your confidence will not be shaken! ***

As of last week, I am a year older and I have come to the realization that I am changing as I am learning. Thankfully, I am growing as I am experiencing life in all it’s beauty. I have come to terms with the fact that everyone’s journey is different and while we can learn from another person’s mistakes, we can learn from their triumphs too. However, be careful not to think that if you duplicate another person’s behavior you will get the same results. Jesus has a distinct purpose for each and everyone of us and a method to get us there. What may work for one person, may not work for another person, so it is important we take the the time to hear from the Lord for ourselves.

We live in a time and generation when we do not need to go to a priest to speak or hear from the Lord. How blessed we are! We are all His children and He is calling each and everyone of us to a deeper place in Him. Will you seek His face with me? 

I have learned from a number of friends recently who are experiencing many tests and trials and I want you to know you are not alone. My desire is to be transparent as I’ve been in the past with hopes that it will help someone along on their spiritual journey. As I study the heartbeat of God, I am encouraged. “Lord help us to be the sincere, soul searchers and winners you’ve always called us to be.”It’s not about doing (planning quality events) but being and making a quality difference in the lives of others, especially those who are misunderstood, sidelined and cast out for whatever reason.”

Here are a few notes I’ve jot down from my personal studies:

*Nothing and no one can take away what the Lord has placed inside of you. It may seem to be at bay (a standstill ) for a season, but please be sure it’s what the Lord wants for you, not man.

*Humans should not dictate where you should be spiritually, emotionally or otherwise. Seek the Lord’s perfect will and follow hard after Him.

*Let Jesus show you the way. Sometimes, you  have to fight your way through…the scripture did say we must be willing to take up the cross (Matthew 10:38) as a disciple of Christ. 

*When Jesus says to move, just move. Operate under the influence of Christ. He knows your heart when you are intimate with Him.

*Daily enter into communion with Christ. Let Him see if there be any wicked way in you and root it out. 

While you do all that, 

*Help others and if God has positioned you to do so, look for opportunities to help other people’s dreams become a reality.

*Sometimes when you choose a specific path or door there is no turning back, so be prayerful. You must first hear from God, discern and acquire His wisdom and make the decision to honor Him.

If there are any specific notes that minister to you, I would love to hear from you! please feel free to connect with me by email at stacy@anointedliving.org or leave a comment here. It would be an honor to learn more about you and be in prayer with other purposeful people of God or those who desire to be that as we move forward this new year. 

Words cannot express my excitement for what God is about to do. As I prepare to teach personal bible studies and students in the next month please pray with me: “Lord have your way!” 

Lots of love and prayers, 

Stacy Zant

“Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus…” My friends, this is for you :)

Let me begin by singing a song so near and dear to my heart while I was still a baby girl growing up in Jamaica…”Trust in the Lord with all of thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding, in all of thine ways acknoweldge Him and He shall direct thy path.”

Are you and I in a place of complete surrender today, with a heart confident in the plans the Lord has for us and who He is? Let’s see…

Isaiah 26 vs 7 Autumn leaves and path image

The scripture I am studying today is taken from Isaiah 26:7 and it speaks of the path of the righteous. The Lord is referred to as Just, and as such, we can trust He will take us through to the other side, even if we are experiencing the darkest of times in our life. He is able.

When the scripture says “O Just One, you make smooth the path of the righteous.” does that mean everything will come easy and our journey will always be full of sunshine? No! There will be some dark valleys, some roaring thunder, grey scattered clouds instead of the white fluffy ones along the way. However, we must stay focused on the prize and continue to trust in the Lord. (This moment’s breath prayer: Lord, help us to walk this narrow path triumpantly).

As we see in Isaiah 26, Judah at this point in time decided to sing a song of victory. They were determined to keep their mind on Christ for the battles ahead (the battle has already been won!) They know they are a chosen people as we should! I believe it is Joyce Meyer who hints at the fact that at-least half of the battle is in our minds.

If we can trust that the Lord will see us through and that if we wait upon the Lord, soon enough, we will mount up, our strength will be renewed (Isaiah 40:31).

No weapon formed against you will prosper. (Isaiah 54:17) He has a plan and path for you to take in your life. You will win! The Lord has designed you to be an overcomer! He has paid it all and through the grace of the Lord, we are made new. We are formed in His image & destined to be on the winning side. We must remember at all times that storms may come while we are traveling on this smooth path he has paved for us, but follow hard after righteousness. Let’s be a reflection of Him here on earth.

Isaiah is a book of wisdom isn’t it? so much so, you would think it was Proverbs 🙂 So, the whole Bible is filled with marvelous gems that today we can find through the widespread access of The Word. The scriptures take us into the mind and heart of Jesus for His people,  for us and those who have gone before us on a similar path we are now taking. There are still gems yet to be found and understood in its full essense, just as our Lord and God desires for us to know Him. Let’s continue to seek after Him.

Most importantly, let’s guard our mind this day and remember before the battle can be won, we must trust Jesus, be steadfast because “Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace-in peace because they trust is you.” Isaiah 26:3 Are you praying for peace about something? Whether it is about work, home or life in general you can experience God’s sweet  and perfect peace. Since yesterday this scripture has been ringing in my mind because I too was experiencing turmoil, foremost in my mind and it almost spilled over into other facets of my life but I am reminded to trust in Him.

“Trusting Jesus is all that really matters, just believe when you call on His name.” 

Full of trust in King Jesus and lots of love for you, Stacy Zant.

Stay encouraged that you are on the right and smooth path the Lord has for you. For more encouragement, you can access an e-book copy of Radiant Pearl in Progress here. We have a contest taking place next month for those readers who leave a review on Amazon and on Radiant Pearl’s Facebook page. Winning reviews will be featured in upcoming publications and the extended-advanced printed copy of Radiant Pearl in Progress that will be made available in stores as informed by the publisher.  You are a radiant pearl in progress and I am excited to encourage you to acknowledge it and be blessed by that fact that God is still working on you, through you and around you.

Spring is Here! Easter Giveaway, poll and more! :)


Hi Radiant Readers!

It’s the first day of Spring and I am so excited about all that the Lord is going to do in our lives this new season! In the last post I highlighted a very important scripture addressing how the Lord makes everything beautiful in its time. In God’s suitable time we will become all He has destined for us to become, until then we must continue to strive, reach, learn and progress.

In the vein of reaching and further connecting with readers this new marvelous season, I’d like to take a poll and hear from you my dear community of online friends.

*First things first, Do you have a prize preference for this and future giveaways? See poll below (“Becoming Jane” Movie, Inspirational Book, Brand New Journal or clothing like the jacket in this picture)
*What would compel you to keep coming back to this blog?
*Do you have any particular interests that you would like to see discussed on these pages?

So looking forward to hearing from you!
Lots of Love & prayers,
Stacy Zant 🙂

Just Be Yourself! (Captivating Heart)

“Woman is the crown of creation-the most intricate, dazzling creature on earth. She has a crucial role to play, a destiny of her own.” (pg. 26)

This is one of the many times a woman is referred to as a crown of creation and as Miss Esther Tara pointed out it gives us girls a great feeling to know the Lord thinks of us in this way…we were meant to do more than what the world tells us, we were meant to simply be ourselves, dazzling, brilliant, radiant! These adjectives only hint at how bright were meant to shine for our creator. “When you are with a woman, ask yourself, what is she telling me about God? It will open up wonders for you.” (Pg. 26) here is a man who has taken a deep look inside to see the value a woman of God brings to this world. As we go further we see that woman was tricked into thinking lies as the enemy filled her head with nonsense in Genesis so does he speak lies today. I love how John and Stasi Eldredge puts it:

“The woman was convinced. That’s it? Just like that? In a matter of moments? Convinced that God was holding out on her. Convinced that she could not trust his heart toward her. Convinces that in order to have the best possible life, she must take matters into her own hands.” (Pg. 47-48)


This is where things begin to crumble, not visually at first but eventually the decision to make things happen relying totally on our own doing and self to accomplish any specific purpose is in itself destructive. Once we trust the Lord and the fact that He has our best interest at heart we see He is a far better orchestrator than we’ll ever be. Yes, we may stumble but in the end we will see it was for our good. 

Below are some other quotes I have highlighted in the chapter “Haunted by a question”

“There is an emptiness in us that we continually try to feed. And Can’t you see how much you need to have things under your control-whether it’s a project of a ministry of a marriage?…Most of our energy is spent trying to hide our true selves, and control our worlds to have some sense of security.” 


Where do we seek to have a sense of security, I do believe it is safe to say there were times when we could all relate to wanting to be in control to experience security or something of the sort but you know what I learned there is  greater security and something liberating about letting Go and allowing God to be in full control. Another interesting thought:

“Controlling women tend to be very well rewarded in this fallen world of ours. ..We are the ones put in charge of our women’s ministries. Can-Do, Bottom-Line, Get-It-Donw kinds of women…we have never considered that by living a controlling and domineering life, we are really refusing to trust our God.” (pg. 53)


Hmm…Can you believe being in a place where you refuse to do what is good for you? I can, we’ve all been there simply because we’re human but with the power of the holy spirit we allow the Lord to take full control of our lives and the path we take to bring Him all glory and honor. While some may be controlling with strong personalities, others may be timid and hiding and guess what?  “We hide because we are afraid. We have been wounded and wounded deeply….by hiding, we take matters into our own hands.” (pg. 56)

Just know it is o.k. to be you “All of our hearts are at some level unsatisfied and longing. It is our insatiable need for more that drives us to our God.”( pg. 58)  Passing along through quite a few highlighted statements we learn we are not too much, we were designed just the way we are for a reason, embrace that beautiful, big, sweet, loving personality of yours! As pointed out in chapter five “A Special Hatred”  the enemy hates us being feminine, lively and vibrant but this is who we are…deep….down…on the inside. As I come to a close I want to bring our attention  to a thought highlighted earlier. The Lord cares deeply for you, just ready Matthew 6:26. 

“You are the glorious Image bearer of the Lord Jesus Christ-the Crown of his creation…He came to restore the glorious creation that you are. And then set you free…to be yourself.” (pg. 95)


Tonight my husband and I were watching Chronicles of Narnia, the last of the series where the kids are all grown up. The once little girl (Lucy, I had to google her name) who discovered Narnia and Aslan wishes to be beautiful, just like her big sis… she eventually learns if she wasn’t herself this story and adventure wouldn’t be the same, actually none of it would have happened if she wasn’t who she was created to be! I know this is only a movie but I found it beautiful that as the movie was coming to an end Lucy has the opportunity to share this simple yet very important lesson learned recently. During a very triumphant time a little girl in her care looks up and says “I want to be just like you when I grow up” she responds “Be just like you when you grow up” I would go further to say, “Be the best you when you grow up!”

Just be yourself.