Today is your day to be an Overcomer!

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EC Summer Reading Tour Orientation Recap #Radiantpip14

We spoke about three challenges from the three chapters we read in Pearls of the Earth: 1. Find a friend or someone you know who tends to be pessimistic and share with them the “Shake it off” concept, encourage ways … Continue reading

Soles to Souls Giveaway!

I have before me at least 7 brand new pairs of Gorgeous Kate Spade soles pictured below and I would love to give away each and everyone of them. Although, I am tempted to keep them all for myself, I am learning the art of Temperance-A much desirable fruit of the spirit, and so in moderation I proceed and will move forward in everything, including the procurement of shoes.

To delve just a little further in the fruit I mentioned above, there are three scriptures of reference I would like to share here before we must part & later meet again: They are hailing from three different marvelous books, but all achieving the same ends in my life right now, the message vivid to me in this season is the importance of “temperance”  What stands out to you as you read these scriptures?

  • 2 Peter 1:6 (Temperance is interchangeable with self-control).
  • Titus 1:8 (Although this is in reference to one of the highest office in the land, it applies to the esteemed office of being a child of God-Temperance here is also to be self-controlled).
  • 1Corinthians 9:25 (If even athletes exercise this fruit of temperance/self-control to win an unperishable prize, how much should we in order to wear an everlasting crown someday. We shall wear a crown some day, Oh to have temperance!)

Heart’s prayer this day: “Lord, as I grow in faith each virtue you have instructed in your Word, help the fruits in my life like temperance, to culminate in love.”

Now for the Giveaway Portion…:insert drumroll here: The moment you’ve all been waiting for, since the poll last month! 😉 If you would like to win this beautiful spring shoe featured here there are many ways to enter. Please see below for all details and ways you can be selected as THE winner of this fabulous brand new pair of shoes!!

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Created in the image of God!

Just the other day, on a hot summer afternoon I had a most interesting encounter and what could be considered a life altering experience  in Smoothie King. I sat in my car for a little while but the A.C. just wasn’t getting cool enough and this was my opportunity to get a slurpee…next to ice-cream who can think of anything better on a hot summer afternoon? Perhaps, we could if we thought hard enough but let’s move right to the purpose of this post! 😉

While cooling off I began speaking with two gentlemen who looked like interns in the area but they were traveling mormons assigned to this region of the U.S. Before I knew it we were exchanging thoughts about Jesus and the call to share their faith. Although, we do not think the same it was interesting to learn why they find it so important to devote two years to being a missionary before entering a traditional mainstream career.

As I made my way to the counter, the employee began to shake his head  and made the statement “I just don’t understand how people can believe that stuff” I asked if he could explain what he meant and he began to share he was once a church goer but now he wasn’t sure what to believe anymore and why certain things happen…the employee began to share his thoughts on evolution while we discussed Jesus and the core of what we believe as Christians. It was amazing to think just a couple days before I was praying alongside my husband that God leads us to people who are hungry and who desire to know Him! Here I was in a very ordinary place, around every day people who desired to know truth and for someone to plant a seed of the Word that would demonstrate just how real God is and how we were created in His image! After answering questions and sharing examples in the scripture I left my business card as a point of contact for a future bible study. I know even if I never see that employee again it was God’s plan for me to be there to plant a seed in that particular moment. Even if someone else is to come and water that seed that was planted, the opportunity was given to fulfill a specific purpose in that God-given time.

All of this brings me to the chapter I am reading in Captivating that talks about “God’s Heart for Relationship” Not only was man created in God’s image, but woman was too. Why would we want to be derived from anything else-like an animal that evolved into human when the Bible tells us God made man in His image…God saw every thing that he had made, and behold, it was very good (Genesis 1:26-31)  the Lord created us in the form we are in today, even knowing the number of hairs on our head. (Luke 12:7)

As a woman, we have so much to discover that lies within the creature and the creator who created everything!  As He knows so much about us, shouldn’t we have a heart and desire to know all we can of Him and the splendor of His majesty! There is truly an infinite amount of possibilities to discover when we search for Jesus with all our heart! who we are in Christ! “The vast desire and capacity a woman has for intimate relationships in fact, this may be the most important thing we ever learn about God-that he years for relationship with us. “Now this is eternal life: that they may know, the only true God” (John 17:3). The whole story of the Bible is a love story between God and his people. He yearns for us. He cares. He has a tender heart.” (pg. 28)

We are relational, yes! as it is highlighted in “Captivating” women especially love to foster, nurture and create new relationships, it is exciting for us and rightly so! Over the past few summer weeks we have established new relationships through GOAL’s “Esther’s Circle Book Club” and how exciting it has been to see how different we relate to each other and distinctly how we relate to our maker, Jesus! Below are three of the many questions we will discuss this weekend as we meet and tour in the city of Locust Grove. Feel free to answer the questions below to be apart of the discussion and see which other Esther’s are posting on their blogs by visiting here.

  1. Which way do you tend to go? Controlling and driven or desolate and needy?
  2. How does that play out in your life?
  3. Where do you take the ache in your heart if you don’t take it to God?


What an amazing blessing it was to meet and minister to the young people at Greater Hope Refuge Temple last night. The first Lady and her husband welcomed me into their church with open arms and it blessed my soul greatly to witness the grace and love they shared with my husband and I as we encouraged their young people in the Lord. The meal, Q&A session, worship and prayer made the evening distinct from the usual youth revival service.  In so many ways their members and leaders were kind and ever so hospitable… I am praying a triple portion of blessing over their congregation as they move forward and go higher in Christ!  I am so amazed by how my Lord works…

***Shifting gears***

Chapters 1-3 check

Study-guide questions shared with the facilitators-check

Print updated agenda programs-check

You may be wondering what this is all about… well, stay tuned. A special post will be dedicated to this new opportunity to dig deeper and connect further with God’s passionate young ladies hailing from different churches in the Metro-Atlanta area! I am looking forward to the heart-to-hearts and the engagement that will take place as God Romances each and everyone of us through “Captivating”!

Embracing a role of support-Health & Wellness

You guide me with your counsel,
leading me to a glorious destiny. (Psalm 73:24 NLT)

As I continue to seek Jesus and His Word for that “pure and holy passion” He has made it clear to me there are a plethora of reasons why He has placed me on this earth. I drove my husband to his branch this morning and what an early start it was to rise early with him and then come home for a nap time. I awoke and realized I had tons of laundry to do, however it was important to take some time to get my mind in tune with what the holy spirit wanted to do this day! So, after devotion with my savior I was ready to get some work done around the home. I am enjoying this relaxed time because i have a feeling things are going to pick up tremendously again and this time I have to be mindful of all the other priorities that must remain a priority! Preparation has already begun for tomorrow’s interview and it is my goal today to have everything related to my soon to be experience and passion completed. The Lord not only has a sense of humor but He sure knows how to prepare us for a role we will have to fill in ministry and in our community! When my husband mentioned He had been to IBC Music Fest (A Music Conference I was researching) he told me he went to that conference in 2006 and I couldn’t help but voicing that “From then you had a keen interest in music and even though it was never your desire to be a worship pastor the Lord positioned you to fill that role for such a time!” Look, how our master and Jesus works! Is’t He a wonder!? I could bring that same analogy over in the support role I would have to play as he leads on his job and at church.

About a year and a half ago, I didn’t know health was going to play such a formative role in my life. I have always had a desire to help people so it was amazing to be given the opportunity  to schedule and coordinate speaking engagements in undeserved communities on behalf of a Health services client. What I didn’t know was that serving in this capacity during my earlier years of marriage would allow me to serve in a greater capacity later where Health and Wellness is concerned. I pray I will be able to further connect with health professionals who are truly making a difference in this very much needed area of expertise and I look forward to sharing snippets of the joys and perhaps disappointments, mostly joys of serving in this area where there is desperate need!

My Mind Is Made Up!

About a year ago this time, It was hard to make a decision about anything! Even my past co-worker, college peer and my all around sister (we volunteered together, led together and we were in each other’s wedding) vocalized the fact that she’s seen a tremendous growth in me when it comes to making decisions since last year January when I decided to give Commercial Real Estate a try! To be frank, pursuing something that is not your passion can get real dry and real draining real quick! If you don’t mind yourself, I could take it a step further to say if you pursue your passion without balance, that can drain a sister as well! I just realized a path I was pursuing was not my calling and not my passion! I am aware not everyone can decide right away that they will divert from a certain path when there are bills that need to be paid, but I am a walking testimony that “All things work together for good!” when you are given an opportunity to pursue your calling and passion while you are still young and there are no major responsibilities in the picture, like children count that a great blessing from the father. My T-sister (I respect her privacy and the choice she has made to not be a visible web network participant) and I talk a lot about this, we figure the best time to go out and pursue- is during a stage when you can master a particular area without dividing interests. Man, I sure am going to miss a lot of our day-to-day girly inspirational talks, but we’ll just have to make appointments to have tea and talk instead.

So, on to what my mind is made up about, I’ve decided along with my husband of course that I will pursue this call to further my knowledge and education in The Word alongside taking care of my home/ my husband and ministry duties at church and in the community through the faith based non-profit-GOAL. So, needless to say I will have my hands full because I desire true balance and pursuing this holy passion for our lives, the Lord will give us the grace. I have put off officially editing “Pearls of the Earth” and completing the sequel long enough and the time has come to complete what has been started because “My Mind Is Made Up!”

For this upcoming month of February, my goal is to re-organize and stay on top of things inside of my home. Continue to prioritize time for my husband for “Red Hot Monogamy” a concept we read together during our premarital counseling in Gary Smalley’s book “Love is a Decision.” I desire for my husband to always know just how important he is to me without the need for me to say it. Like most wives, it is also my  desire to show him my love without excuses of being tired and busy. Our love nest is strong and I am so grateful to Christ for that! However, I know for us to keep moving forward with one vision and one mind with love, constant communication and actions demonstrating our love and commitment to each other will need to grow stronger as we grow…point, period, full-stop.

Little things like mending a button on his suit jacket, mending a tear in his pants means so much to me and I get that overjoyed feeling that I am fulfilling one of the most important roles a woman who is a wife can play when my husband turns to me in his newly mended pants and says “Thank you baby, this fits perfectly,you did a great job!” I also want to leave this earth with the Lord saying the same: “well done, my faithful and passionate servant!” This is my pure and holy passion to please God first in the decisions I make, the degrees I strive to pursue to bless my home, the lost and His kingdom and be the very best support my husband would ever need or desire.

Stay tuned, as I prepare to accomplish this goal and connect with others through real conversations of those living the life God has called us to, be a witness, know his Word, be ignorant of nothing and study to show yourself approved! The Countdown to the conference (I’ll tell you more about this later) has begun. Wherever the Lord opens the doors and makes a complete way, I will follow with a passion to accomplish His perfect will.