My Mind Is Made Up!

About a year ago this time, It was hard to make a decision about anything! Even my past co-worker, college peer and my all around sister (we volunteered together, led together and we were in each other’s wedding) vocalized the fact that she’s seen a tremendous growth in me when it comes to making decisions since last year January when I decided to give Commercial Real Estate a try! To be frank, pursuing something that is not your passion can get real dry and real draining real quick! If you don’t mind yourself, I could take it a step further to say if you pursue your passion without balance, that can drain a sister as well! I just realized a path I was pursuing was not my calling and not my passion! I am aware not everyone can decide right away that they will divert from a certain path when there are bills that need to be paid, but I am a walking testimony that “All things work together for good!” when you are given an opportunity to pursue your calling and passion while you are still young and there are no major responsibilities in the picture, like children count that a great blessing from the father. My T-sister (I respect her privacy and the choice she has made to not be a visible web network participant) and I talk a lot about this, we figure the best time to go out and pursue- is during a stage when you can master a particular area without dividing interests. Man, I sure am going to miss a lot of our day-to-day girly inspirational talks, but we’ll just have to make appointments to have tea and talk instead.

So, on to what my mind is made up about, I’ve decided along with my husband of course that I will pursue this call to further my knowledge and education in The Word alongside taking care of my home/ my husband and ministry duties at church and in the community through the faith based non-profit-GOAL. So, needless to say I will have my hands full because I desire true balance and pursuing this holy passion for our lives, the Lord will give us the grace. I have put off officially editing “Pearls of the Earth” and completing the sequel long enough and the time has come to complete what has been started because “My Mind Is Made Up!”

For this upcoming month of February, my goal is to re-organize and stay on top of things inside of my home. Continue to prioritize time for my husband for “Red Hot Monogamy” a concept we read together during our premarital counseling in Gary Smalley’s book “Love is a Decision.” I desire for my husband to always know just how important he is to me without the need for me to say it. Like most wives, it is also my  desire to show him my love without excuses of being tired and busy. Our love nest is strong and I am so grateful to Christ for that! However, I know for us to keep moving forward with one vision and one mind with love, constant communication and actions demonstrating our love and commitment to each other will need to grow stronger as we grow…point, period, full-stop.

Little things like mending a button on his suit jacket, mending a tear in his pants means so much to me and I get that overjoyed feeling that I am fulfilling one of the most important roles a woman who is a wife can play when my husband turns to me in his newly mended pants and says “Thank you baby, this fits perfectly,you did a great job!” I also want to leave this earth with the Lord saying the same: “well done, my faithful and passionate servant!” This is my pure and holy passion to please God first in the decisions I make, the degrees I strive to pursue to bless my home, the lost and His kingdom and be the very best support my husband would ever need or desire.

Stay tuned, as I prepare to accomplish this goal and connect with others through real conversations of those living the life God has called us to, be a witness, know his Word, be ignorant of nothing and study to show yourself approved! The Countdown to the conference (I’ll tell you more about this later) has begun. Wherever the Lord opens the doors and makes a complete way, I will follow with a passion to accomplish His perfect will.