“Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus…” My friends, this is for you :)

Let me begin by singing a song so near and dear to my heart while I was still a baby girl growing up in Jamaica…”Trust in the Lord with all of thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding, in all of thine ways acknoweldge Him and He shall direct thy path.”

Are you and I in a place of complete surrender today, with a heart confident in the plans the Lord has for us and who He is? Let’s see…

Isaiah 26 vs 7 Autumn leaves and path image

The scripture I am studying today is taken from Isaiah 26:7 and it speaks of the path of the righteous. The Lord is referred to as Just, and as such, we can trust He will take us through to the other side, even if we are experiencing the darkest of times in our life. He is able.

When the scripture says “O Just One, you make smooth the path of the righteous.” does that mean everything will come easy and our journey will always be full of sunshine? No! There will be some dark valleys, some roaring thunder, grey scattered clouds instead of the white fluffy ones along the way. However, we must stay focused on the prize and continue to trust in the Lord. (This moment’s breath prayer: Lord, help us to walk this narrow path triumpantly).

As we see in Isaiah 26, Judah at this point in time decided to sing a song of victory. They were determined to keep their mind on Christ for the battles ahead (the battle has already been won!) They know they are a chosen people as we should! I believe it is Joyce Meyer who hints at the fact that at-least half of the battle is in our minds.

If we can trust that the Lord will see us through and that if we wait upon the Lord, soon enough, we will mount up, our strength will be renewed (Isaiah 40:31).

No weapon formed against you will prosper. (Isaiah 54:17) He has a plan and path for you to take in your life. You will win! The Lord has designed you to be an overcomer! He has paid it all and through the grace of the Lord, we are made new. We are formed in His image & destined to be on the winning side. We must remember at all times that storms may come while we are traveling on this smooth path he has paved for us, but follow hard after righteousness. Let’s be a reflection of Him here on earth.

Isaiah is a book of wisdom isn’t it? so much so, you would think it was Proverbs 🙂 So, the whole Bible is filled with marvelous gems that today we can find through the widespread access of The Word. The scriptures take us into the mind and heart of Jesus for His people,  for us and those who have gone before us on a similar path we are now taking. There are still gems yet to be found and understood in its full essense, just as our Lord and God desires for us to know Him. Let’s continue to seek after Him.

Most importantly, let’s guard our mind this day and remember before the battle can be won, we must trust Jesus, be steadfast because “Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace-in peace because they trust is you.” Isaiah 26:3 Are you praying for peace about something? Whether it is about work, home or life in general you can experience God’s sweet  and perfect peace. Since yesterday this scripture has been ringing in my mind because I too was experiencing turmoil, foremost in my mind and it almost spilled over into other facets of my life but I am reminded to trust in Him.

“Trusting Jesus is all that really matters, just believe when you call on His name.” 

Full of trust in King Jesus and lots of love for you, Stacy Zant.

Stay encouraged that you are on the right and smooth path the Lord has for you. For more encouragement, you can access an e-book copy of Radiant Pearl in Progress here. We have a contest taking place next month for those readers who leave a review on Amazon and on Radiant Pearl’s Facebook page. Winning reviews will be featured in upcoming publications and the extended-advanced printed copy of Radiant Pearl in Progress that will be made available in stores as informed by the publisher.  You are a radiant pearl in progress and I am excited to encourage you to acknowledge it and be blessed by that fact that God is still working on you, through you and around you.


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