Jesus Be the Center~He makes all things Beautiful!

As I came to the conclusion of reading “Disciplines of the Spirit” a recommended reading by a dear professor of mine, I swiftly began to wonder what will be the next book I read to encourage spiritual growth? Then, I thought why not read a book my husband recently finished reading and wrote about in his minister’s class?

A couple minutes later and after a fervent search for THE book, I realized perhaps the Lord is trying to tell me to go back to THE book! Which book am I speaking of? God’s Holy Word, but more specifically the book of Ecclesiastes. The scripture that has been pressed into my mind and memory as of late is “He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

beautitful photo for pure blog

True, pure beauty comes not in my time or your time, but in His time. The thing Is, since I’ve learned about social location and reading in context, I realized it was not enough to just read the verse, but I wanted to get some history on the book the Lord was leading me to study. The chapter, verse and everything else would make better sense if I applied myself to this endeavor. Thank the Lord for a good study bible. In this case I am referring to the “Harper Collins Study Bible” NRSV Student Edition and the handy, trusty Bible App on my iPad for the King James Version.

In the middle of reading, listening to worship and being a part of the entire worship experience through His word and music, a darling young lady called and we began to speak of many things. One of the items we discussed is that sometimes we have such a great desire to do so much for Christ. We may simply want to use all the gifts and talents God has given us for His glory, to build His kingdom, spread the fame of His name to unreached places. However, It can get tiring if we are not in-tune, discerning His will or in a place to hear from Him, to seek His face, to listen for His voice. He may be leading us out to take us in to a new season, a suitable place to grow & flourish in a certain area He is beckoning for us to go. “Oh my Lord, may I always be in a place to hear from you and to recognize when you are speaking and to mute all the other voices that would try to hinder your purpose and your will to be done!”

So as to not make this post any longer than it already is, I will share more through a Bible Study Conference call.  Let me just share one more point with you, which was a question asked and answered on this telephone call and I pray that it encourages you:

“Do you believe you need to take a step back from doing some of the things you are doing now and place your efforts in one particular area?”

I do believe it is important to be diligent and to wholeheartedly pursue, while we place our efforts to first please Jesus with the gifts He has given us. However, I must discern to what degree and in what particular place I should use those gifts to be most effective and anointed for the purpose for which He has called me. It is hard, as I’ve examined in previous posts to stand still and not “do” when you are use to being busy and hard at work “doing” and simply making things happen. I, like so many of you may thrive and gain unsurmountable amount of energy from advocating for causes, helping the helpless and pursuing excellence as you do your best to move forward.

But, I am learning the Lord may simply want to work on you, refine you and build what He has in mind for you without you trying to take control and do it yourself. The kingdom business is surely not a D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) thing, it is a God thing.

It doesn’t mean you draw back and do absolutely nothing while you wait & trust in Him. It simply means, you prepare and do all you can do with a “mindful patient considerate free thinking heart” if there is such a thing! 😉

Know this and my how I’ve proven this time and time again. He will give you a sense of peace when you are doing what is right and what is acceptable in His sight. 

There is more to come, until then, peace like a river rush over our souls,

❤ always Stacy Zant


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