My Amazing God!-1st Year Retreat Reflection

I am in awe of you God!

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This weekend I learned so much. One lesson that stood out to me is that it is o.k. to just be yourself. We all have our own distinct styles, perspectives, embedded theologies and that is what makes you, You! It’s o.k. to be passionate, it’s o.k. to be sincere, it’s o.k. to be radical, it’s o.k. to be different. The validation, the confirmation, the affirmation was Absolutely Astounding!

Some of the quotes that stood out to me this weekend after our Saturday prayer service and small group discussions was “It’s all our spirituality in the differentness and sameness” Although we are uniquely created, God made us with similarities and differences we can learn from to encourage our walk with God daily. Just be open to Jesus and His holy spirit operating through you, around you and within you! The freedom to worship in the form we best knew in our tradition gripped each person’s heart on so many levels. I can go on and on but I will share a metaphor I fell in love with: Simply put, as we go to different restaurants and enjoy cuisines of other cultures different from our own (ex. A Chinese buffet) we can leave filled, although the experience is from an unfamiliar tradition.

Think back to a time when you went to a concert or worship service different from your own style, did you experience God and if you didn’t, were you open and expecting to encounter God in that tradition? Think on this for a little while and respond truthfully in your heart of hearts. The church can and will change the community, do you believe this is possible!? I do! If there ever was a time I believe the church can play a critical role in transforming a community, it is now!  It can all be done through Jesus Christ, His love and a genuine relationship with Him!

Lord, I am still in awe of you! How excellent, how amazing is your love for me! How wide, how deep, how great is your loving kindness towards me. Oh compassionate father, I adore you. All I want to do is bless your name! I am so full and overwhelmed by your spirit! Such joy and peace of which I’ve never tasted before. Every day is sweeter as the days go by.. Set a blaze within my soul, continually! for you are the anointed one. How Great Thou Art!


2 thoughts on “My Amazing God!-1st Year Retreat Reflection

  1. WOW!!! I just read this today because it was sent to my anointed living email and I haven’t checked it in a while but I just have to say that I was really blessed by this post and I love the prayer at the end of it!!! #AWESOME!

    • Thank you so much Andy, my friend! I wasn’t as consistent with blogging last year but that is a thing of the past! 😉 I am truly elated that it blessed you, the things you write blesses me too! Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts. God bless you my friend! Can’t wait to begin more reading & writing adventures with you and the girls! xoxo

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