You shall live and not die!

A Season of Awareness.

A Season of Awareness.

“For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” Romans 8:6 I have been experiencing such a sweet state of peace just these past few days at the level of which I’ve never experienced before. To think just a couple of months ago I felt so weary, so disappointed, so disgruntled about what was what going on around me and what I thought was to me! I am truly grateful for a husband and support who also has a relationship with the Lord. During that time of emotional wreck (come on ladies, you know how we can get!) my husband spoke life into my situation and me, He said “You shall live and not die!” and that’s so what I needed to hear at that time! So, I will not keep these powerful words of prophesy for my life to myself I will share it with you. Here is something I’ve come to learn relatively recently: It can be difficult to stay put if you’re use to passionately serving and being involved in multiple ministries but truly taking the time to step away from certain things, people and activities has allowed me to be at a place where I am content at sitting or standing still where the Lord wants me, alone with Him! I can tell Jesus has been trying to get me here for quite some time now, but it took a lot of cutting back to finally get here. None of us have ever fully “arrived” but we can strive to know Jesus better, experience Him greater, and go deeper. Most times we have to experience some hurt, misunderstanding, friendship failures and disappointments to get to that place and break away from the norm where the tide is low and easy flowing. When you are up against the rough currents of life you know you must be doing something right in God’s sight and displeasing to the enemy. You are now a threat to satan and his kingdom! Yet, you have such peace, such joy knowing you are in God’s perfect will, fulfilling God’s plan in His time.

O.k. so for the past few minutes I’ve been rambling on about obscure experiences that have led me to a deeper understanding of the scripture taken from Romans 8:6 but that is something I’ve come to understand about myself. I have to search and begin talking a little bit before I finally get to the point, it may not be the best method in the book when it comes to communicating but it is apart of an approach that has worked best for me. Be encouraged to find the best way to reveal your heart totally to God, are there any steps you need to take? Are there any scriptures you need to read aloud? Desires and thoughts you need to journal? Discussions you need to have? I don’t get straight to the core of what is on my heart right away but as I continue to talk to God, share God’s love with others, teach others what I am learning, pour into people who long for more or who are crying out for help I eventually get there and so will you if you are that kind of person, a talker, a thinker, a leader, a survivor, a prayer warrior! As distractions come your way, don’t be afraid to say “Help me to keep my mind on you Jesus!! Let’s not get so bombarded with things, programs and agendas that we loose our focus. Our very essence will become firm in Christ. As we seek to keep our perspectives pure, others may not understand but God has shown you through His Word that to be spiritually minded is life & peace and that is just we need to be!

I started Grad School/Seminary/McAfee School of Theology on Monday. This is a fact and this step was a mandate from God. Perhaps not for everyone, but the Lord wanted this for me so I wanted it too. He showed me I couldn’t be complacent with where I am now and that I couldn’t possibly let this dream die! Along with this desire to do His will came a responsibility to learn The Word of God and to know who I am & who I can be in Christ! Understand “Spiritual Formation” and it’s place in making sense of the world in which we live.

While we strive to reflect Christ in all we do, to live a lifestyle that brings my king Jesus glory through obedience and submission to His word brings a level of liberty that each of us can experience. Feel free to come with me on this journey… I may not share all that I am going through on here but I will share what I think will help someone who has a similar burning desire to do God’s will, whether it is on the pulpit, in the classroom, in your home or on the streets.  Each of us as Christians have a responsibility to lead others to Christ, to minister to the broken hearted, spend time with Jesus. In His presence we are changed, molded into the vessels He created us to be. He knew we would be here! He’s always wanted the best for us, we just choose to interpret what’s best through the people we have relationships with (friendships and otherwise), the places we enter in and the conversations we entertain on our daily walk. You may have to go through a journey of isolation but know certain seasons only last for awhile. Know what season you are in and embrace God while you are in it, rest assured He will take you through and you will come out stronger and more equipped for what’s ahead! I am on a journey to pursue one Pure Holy Passion. Just like you, I shall live and not die!


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