Prayer and Pasta

:Singing: Reign, Jesus, Reign, Reign, Jesus, Reign for you are king of Zion Judah’s lion, Reign, Jesus, Reign! Before I can give my Lord reign over present circumstances, He must reign in my heart and home. Our temple physically and spiritually must be surrendered to our dear Lord daily! It is an uphill battle “But  thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.” Psalm 3:3

One thing that struck me today during my very first one-on-one home bible study and prayer was that before the Lord can truly have His way through us as vessels for His glory abroad, we must experience His sovereign power and manifest His spirit/presence in our homes, in our bodies, in our families! Jesus, the holy spirit dwells within us and wants to be in communion with us daily! Like a Godly loving husband longs to come home to His wife who assures him of his value and place as the King of their household, the Lord longs for us to be intimate with Him as His bride or as an Esther who desires to come before Him and petition on behalf of His people. Let us sing psalms and serenade Him each and every moment we have the opportunity to live out our life for Him!

There is safety, a sweet secret peace between us and the father when we get to that place where we want to be more like him, “The More I seek you, the More I find You…the More I Find You, the More I Love You! I want to sit at Your feet drink from the cup in your hand, lay back against you and breathe feel Your Heart Beat” I had the most amazing and refreshing time today with a new friend and beautiful mother who is sooo thirsty for more of Jesus! for Him to do the miraculous, for Him to do the supernatural, for Him to break every fetter and set what has kept her captive for far too long free! And so Jesus shall, He shall honor that desire to break free, we must position ourselves for just that!

“Fasting and prayer humbles the soul enabling it to submit to the spirit and to the purpose of God. And a soul that is submitted manifests the power and providence of God.” Preface of Teach Us To Fast & Pray by Kim Johnson. This we know, once you are submitted to God’s will and purpose for your life it will blow you away just what He is able to do! He will do far more than we could ever imagine possible. Also, we know that a broken and a contrite spirit the Lord will not turn away. If we can be transparent and real enough with ourselves to admit when we’re broken and when we’re in desperate need for His help to put the pieces back together, not just how we want it!  but as He would see fit, then we would experience God in a mighty awe inspiring way. We would feel Him near always! we would be what some may call radical enough to feel Him in the wind, the swaying of the trees, the whistle of the grass and the rushing of the waves depending on where we live!

Say a prayer to the Lord right now, even before we move on to what’s ahead, let’s acknowledge Him in the here and now, let Him meet you at your home, in your living room, before your computer, in the office, around your stove and kitchen fire while you cook. He is all around you!!!! Can you feel Him!? He’s there!

“Thank you Jesus for always being so near, even when I ignore you or feel as though you are miles away your desire is to hold me so close that I can feel your heart beat, I know you are doing a new thing! You have brought some people into my life to help me weed out the ways that make you displeased. My whole purpose is to live for You, worship you, love on you. Help me to be sensitive to that purpose, to your desires for me to become more like You! Give me the faith to overcome through prayer and fasting any doubt or fears that dare to enter into my mind. For, I am yours, anointed to give you glory and so by faith this day I take back the keys from the enemy and move forward bolder than ever before and with an understanding like never before of what it means to humble myself through fasting and prayer daily in your presence! Thank you Jesus for being the loving, all providing, all knowing God I can trust to sustain me. It is in you that I live, breathe and have my being, thank you (begin to thank Him for the victories you are claiming through the power of your tongue, thank Him for what He has already done and for what He is doing in you, through you and around you!) What the enemy meant for evil the lord has turned for my good in Jesus name, Amen!”




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