What an amazing blessing it was to meet and minister to the young people at Greater Hope Refuge Temple last night. The first Lady and her husband welcomed me into their church with open arms and it blessed my soul greatly to witness the grace and love they shared with my husband and I as we encouraged their young people in the Lord. The meal, Q&A session, worship and prayer made the evening distinct from the usual youth revival service.  In so many ways their members and leaders were kind and ever so hospitable… I am praying a triple portion of blessing over their congregation as they move forward and go higher in Christ!  I am so amazed by how my Lord works…

***Shifting gears***

Chapters 1-3 check

Study-guide questions shared with the facilitators-check

Print updated agenda programs-check

You may be wondering what this is all about… well, stay tuned. A special post will be dedicated to this new opportunity to dig deeper and connect further with God’s passionate young ladies hailing from different churches in the Metro-Atlanta area! I am looking forward to the heart-to-hearts and the engagement that will take place as God Romances each and everyone of us through “Captivating”!


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