Only His best will do!!!

As I prepare for an upcoming speaking engagement I came across the scripture above and it had me thinking about a number of different things. Sometimes, we think we know what’s best for our lives, but each and every day we live on this earth we see how little we know and how important it is to consult our maker, our all knowing, all seeing, omni-present father and friend. He IS the very BEST consultant we could ever need.

This weekend should be an interesting one! Every day leading up to this weekend will make it all the more interesting…Tomorrow, I have a grant workshop for GOAL and then a few meetings and appointments to take care of before the dawn of a new season begins! While I was connecting with a brother about the possibility of his daughter attending an upcoming girls conference I was reassured with the reason why the Lord has given me this burden and passion to minister in different ways to a unique and prized group. If the World can place so much emphasis on winning the attention and hearts of our girls and guys, shouldn’t we reach out and do all we can to positively fight back and win their attention and hearts!  What a blessing it is to serve and bless the churched (Let brotherly love continue…Hebrews 13:1) and the unchurched (…Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares-Hebrews 13:2) , it is for this very reason why the Lord has given me a window to see a picture bigger than my self, the community non-profit ministry Girls and Guys Organized for Anointed Living, Inc. and education…thank Jesus for His infallible Word!

I’m truly excited to see what new adventures await and until then, I am “A” o.k. with the window I am looking through-this vision of mine is becoming clearer each and every day I seek my Lord’s face and His direction!


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