I Love Your Presence

There’s no other place I’d rather be than in His presence! the Lord’s presence, my husband’s presence…so divine! What a joy and blessing it is to experience such love, such beautiful, wholesome love. Jesus only wants us to spend intimate time with Him, to Know Him and His Word. There’s no question as to why we go through the things we do, the tests, the trials, the relationships we experience come to make us stronger!  my have I been tested from a child growing up, I’ve learned the battles we face sometimes in our minds-are thoughts that mean to tear us down. However, through the reassurance of God’s Holy Word and His promises we can rise above and become conquerors. The Lord HAS given us the VICTORY! You and I are a walking testimony of God’s Grace and the fact that we are breathing today is evidence of his promise to keep us, take care of us (1Peter 5:7) so there is no need to worry but trust He will supply our every need (Philippians 4:19) Yesterday, all over the country the media and consumer driven outlets made the most out of a day that celebrates love. My husband and I exchanged one of our most authentic and intimate moments over a home cooked meal. In that time we exchanged verbally love notes written in our Valentine’s cards, gifts and what I imagined to be one of the best ‘candle-lit dinners’ we could have shared on that day. After all was said and done, as my husband was finishing up his meal he asked me, “Honey, where did you learn to cook like this?” my response? Over time, I’m learning…(I didn’t do much cooking as a child but I suppose it’s the Island and God in me that is making me better for my family!) my heart glows when my husband would rather choose a home-cooked meal over eating out simply because to him it’s better.

  • 2 fresh Publix Salmons-$11
  • Seasonings of all kinds meant to last for a while-$30 something
  • A pleased adoring husband and God-filled home-Priceless!

There is such peace in knowing and doing what is best during the season God has placed us! Now that I look back, it is the one-on-one presence that makes our time together so fulfilling, this is just a piece of what we enjoy when we are in the Lord’s presence….I Love, I Love, I love Your Presence, I love, I love…I love You Jesus!


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