Reaching & Standing Still

What a weekend! My husband fell ill and this weekend he really took the time to rest, which is VERY rare. It did him a world of good and I just did my best to take care of him. I was compelled to cook a pot of Jamaican grace chicken soup and my did it take me back! Usually, we are on go-mode all weekend long and for my love that’s not necessarily the best health wise because he already works all week long-65hours a week! I didn’t realize that’s how much the love of my life labored until he said it. How grateful us wives should be to have a husband who does everything he can to take care of our home and future children. It made me think how important it is for me to do my part to be a blessing to him and our household today and in the future! I am truly excited about all that the Lord is doing…I went to the South Medical Center today, the site of my interview for a possible service opportunity with the AmeriCorps program. As the program director stated it is “A stepping stone” to so many other opportunities but I only pray that the Lord’s PERFECT will be done. Only Jesus knows the best stepping stone during this season of my life- whether it is time to return to school full time or serve for a year in the health field. When the director asked me what I saw myself doing in five years it made me take a good look at what I envisioned realistically ( and to think my husband and others call me a dreamer, a futuristic visionary!) I see the Lord working mightily in the lives of others through my husband and I as a result of our present learning opportunities. I see us sharing the gospel together, speaking, writing and learning how we can best serve our king while here on earth. Every day (well or ill) should be treasured and I cannot say this enough-the Lord continues to amaze me just how well He orchestrates things! There is none like Him and I can’t wait to see the path He will take us as we go on this journey to find our pure holy passion! The time has come to slow down and reflect on the Lord’s path for our lives. While we are yet reaching, we have decided we will stand still!


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